Commodore Mods

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Commodore 128 Dual
Two Commodore 128s in a custom case; networked through the user port. One does the modem I/O and the other does the drive I/O. Distributed computing.

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1581 Dual Drive
What does a Commodore 128 Dual need? A Dual 1581 Drive to put beside it. Made from two regular 1581s and some plastic from a 128 case.

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Commodore 128 Tower
A flat 128 installed in a PC tower case; with a Ramlink; a CMD FD 4000; a CMD Hard Drive; and a 14.4 modem. Every connector on the motherboard was modified.

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Serial Bus I/O SwitchBox
This is the most asked for creation. I could have sold this fifty times over, easily. It selects which computer has access to which drives, and which printer.

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Miscellaneous Commodore Projects
An odd collection of Commodore hacks, some finished, some not. Modified drives, whole systems, and a picture of yours truly giving a demo at the local user's group.

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Commodore 128D with 3.5 inch drive
This computer is not one of my creations. I bought it from CMD, and was told it came from Fred Bowen's office. A real wire-wrapped R+D kludge.

These mods were done for others. They are step by step and very long.

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Ray Allen's 128D
A step by step mod of a 128D, to remove the                
1571 and include a CMD HD and a FD 2000.

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Alan Reed's 64HD Tower
A combination of PC and Commodore hardware.        
A PC is the ultimate Commodore peripheral.

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