Miscellaneous Commodore Projects

    image The portable 128 project. Stalled
for lack of parts. On the table, you
can see two Kaypro Cases.

On the left you'll see the Kaypro keyboard modified to take a 128 keyboard; and a 1581 drive. On
top of the left Kaypro case is a 40
column screen borrowed from a 64SX.
It would go where the 5 1/4 drives
were in the Kaypro.

I never found a 9 inch color C= compatible 80 column monitor.


The top half of the case is from a
C= 128DCR. The bottom half, which includes the face, is custom made
from aluminum.

Inside is a flat 128 motherboard, a
CMD FD4000, a CMD HD 320 meg,
and a RamLink.

The controls for the RamLink were
moved to the front. The cartridge
ports for the Ramlink are in the top behind the monitor.


Keyboard made from a flat
C=128. Includes a JDOS switch


Here is a C= 128DCR with the 1571 removed and a 1581 installed in its
place. The onboard 1571 controller
was disabled.

Also, the Expansion Port was moved
to the front. Shown in the Port is a
512 REU expanded to 2 megs.

A view of the insides.

Notice the date on the photo;
3-12-87. Almost 20 years ago.


Well, that CMD FD4000 and
CMD HD sure get around. :)

image A Demo at the local user's group.

Miami Individuals with
Commodore Equipment.

One of my sayings:
You're not having fun till the cover
is off. It ran fine for months, till the
night of the demo. Good thing I
brought tools; and the demo
was back on in no time.

Both 80 and 40 column monitors
for the Dual 128.


The test bench with a flat 128 undergoing diagnostics.


The cover of Commodore World #10.


The Commodore Customizer.


How to disable the internal 1571 on a 128D. The fine people at CMD enhanced my work and supplied the picture.

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