Commodore 128 Tower


A Commodore 128 installed in a PC tower case.

Installed in the tower are a Ramlink;
a CMD FD 4000; a CMD Hard Drive;
and a 14.4 modem attached to a SwiftLink.

Every connector on the
motherboard was modified.



Big thanks goes out to Creative
Micro Designs for the stick-on labels. That's you, Charlie Sir; Thanks :)

Gives this project a clean,
professional look.


Drives include CMD FD4000.
That's 3.2 megs of storage power.
The CMD Hard Drive holds a
320 meg drive.

The MHz LED was removed to
install the drive power switches.
The labels Hard Drive and 3.5 Drive
came from CMD labels.

I have no pictures of the insides, as some of my portfolio was lost in the hurricane of 1992; Andrew.

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