Construction Projects

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Coral Way House
An enclosed porch, a bath remodel, wood deck,           
a ceramic firing building, and more for this house
in Coral Cables.

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Wooden Deck
A wooden deck, some mando grass, and cedar           
stepping stones complete this makeover for a
back yard.

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Venetian Townhouse
This building had a checkered past; a student dorm,    
a house of ill repute. We argued for two years to get
the city to let us remodel it. They wanted it torn down.

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Window Upgrade
This house in Normandy Isle, Florida gets new; high-tech windows.

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The George Merck House
One of the oldest houses in Coral Gables gets              
a This Old House ® type restoration.

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Brick Arch Kitchen
A kitchen remodel featuring a structural brick arch.       

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