Venetian Townhouse

Built in 1923, this building was was designed by architect H. G. Fink as a miniature Venetian palace.
Originally, the building contained three stores on
the first floor and an apartment on the second floor.

Over the years the building changed hands, be-
coming a restaurant on two occasions and -
horrors for the staid city of Coral Gables - a house
of ill repute complete with a bar.

The last owner rented the building to a young
couple and it turned into a hippie haven. After a
drug bust, the building was closed and condemned.

The property owner and I began a two year, often frustrating procedure of getting it un-condemned.
We turned it into a duplex with two spacious town homes.

It won top honors in the Coral Gables
Chamber of Commerce Keep the City Beautiful Committee's Grand Beatification Award for 1977.


A view of the living room from the bar/kitchenette.

A full kitchen and dining area are upstairs.


A shot of the living room with the
front door in the background, and
the stairs to the kitchen, dining area,
and the master suite.


The living room from the opposite
side of the room. On the left is the bar/kitchenette. To the left of that
a full bath. The door leads to a
guest bedroom.

Forgive the damage to the photo.
My portfolio barely survived the hurricane; Andrew '92.

image image

Guest room shower stall.


This is the master bedroom suite.

On the right is the entrance to a
large walk in shower.

To the left of that, the vanity; made
from an early American wheat bin.

Next on the right is the door to
a walk in closet.

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