Ultimate AT Case


Before the the coming of soft menus, opening the case was the only way to adjust the multiplier and bus settings.

So I came up with the idea to make an easy open case. I would marry two
cases together, put the drives, and therefor the most weight, in one side; and the motherboard in the other.


The case on the left side case has
been modified from just below the floppy, to most of the way through
the vent holes.

The blank space at the top of the modified area conceals the 3.5 inch
hard drive area.

Below that are three 5 1/4 inch bays. These bays contain three identical
drives as master on the primary
channel. Only one is powered up
a time, and the BIOS is unaffected
by the change.


The face of the left hand case was customized between the two lines,
as indicated in the photo.

This shows the case as it opens. You can see the drives on the left, and the mother board on the right. This was before the rounded cables fad.


Fully open view.

One side of each case cover was cut
off. A piano hinge was used to attach
the two cases to each either.


The added drive bays at the bottom.

There are two power supplies in this project. The one in this half powers
the drives and fans, and has been
turned 90 degrees to provide more

Covering the power supply is an aluminum shroud to duct it's
exhaust out the back.


There are six operating systems. This takes multi booting to almost an absurd level. (Edit: for it's time - the mid '90's)


The case in action. It slides out on a pair of heavy
duty drawer slides, then swings open.

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