PC Mods

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Dual Slot One Celerons
It was a big challenge to even attempt this mod.
That's why I did it. This follows in the footsteps of:
The Master, Kikumaru. www.kikumaru.com/                   

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Boot Switch
An easy way to dual boot from two SCSI hard
drives. This mod changes the SCSI ID of the two drives before booting the system

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Ultimate AT Case
Two AT cases married together. One side holds the motherboard, and the other side holds the drives.

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Yes, I hacked one too. Several times. Click on the image to see the many mods I made with this fun piece of hardware.

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BP6 Cooling
A cooling duct that supplies cool air to the Dual             
CPUs and the VooDoo Card. Quick, easy, and
cheap, a good idea to steal.

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The Borg
In a moment of craziness, I dreamed up this monster.  
I didn't stop, even to eat, for hours on end, maybe days. I can't remember.

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The Borg on wheels
I wanted to make a computer I could move anywhere around my shop and computer room. I pressed the Borg into service.

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Monitor Cooling
Here is an easy, and inexpensive way to make a cooler for your monitor. Made from a 2.5 gallon            
water jug and a 120mm fan

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