I-Opener Mods

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Hard Drive Mod
The addition of a laptop hard drive and a cooling fan are the basic mods for the I-Opener.

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IDE Cables
In the various I-Opener mods, I had to make several IDE cables. Click the image to view them.

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Laptop I-Opener
My first case hack for the I-Opener. The marriage of a laptop with a broken screen, and the I-Opener.

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Put those unused LEDs to work showing hard drive activity. This is a quick and easy hack with great reward.

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Bag I-Opener
The second case hack. A canvas tool bag. I want my I-Opener portable, just gotta' find the right carrying case

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Keyboard Hack
The I-Opener keyboard scrolling button sucks. This is my solution for the problem; adding a mouse.

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Attache Case I-Opener
The final carrying case for my I-Opener. This one suites my needs completely.

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