The Commodore Setups


I wish I had more images
from these days. Well,
here's what I have.

Here on the left side of the computer table is the C=128
Dual. Next to it is the 1581 Dual. below that is a serial switch box, which selects
the drives, computers, and printer is hooked up.


Just to the right of the C=128
Dual is the 128Tower.

A flat 128 installed in a PC tower case; with a
Ramlink; a CMD FD 4000; a CMD Hard Drive;
and a 14.4 modem attached to a SwiftLink.

Every connector on the motherboard was modified.

The switches just above the monitors control
12V to cooling fans in computers and monitors.


On the far right is an Amiga 1200. It's keyboard
has been removed and it's cable lengthened to
make it easier to type.

All the keyboards are on slides which go under
the table top. The Amiga is turned sideways to
access the floppy drive easier.


A view of the shop.

Closest is a small work table. Then the
main work table. Farthest is the test bench.

Click on image for larger version.


A shot of the main work table and the test bench.


The test bench with a flat
C=128 undergoing diagnostics.

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