truly dangerous with a screwdriver.

Web Sites

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Habitat for Humanity
I set up the domain name and upgraded the                  
office network for Humanity of Savannah, GA.
I also donated a lot of computer hardware.

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Hardware Hackers v 1
This was the first design for the domain named hardwarehacker.org; a site about modifying computers. Hackers are the good guys;
Crackers are something else.

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Hardware Hackers v 2
The second version of hardwarehackers.                       
Never completely finished as I didn't like how it
was turning out.

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Hardware Hackers v 3
The third version of hardwarehackers. I used this version for a couple of years.

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Personal Gallery v 1
The first version of The Personal Gallery of Al Anger.      

Yea, right
Personal Gallery v 2
The second version of The personal gallery of Al Anger. It's what you're viewing now.

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pc craft.com
My sister and I toyed with the idea of starting a computer service and repair company. Then the market went soft.     

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